Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What’s in a Name?

When I began my book writing journey, a friend asked what name I would use as an author. Hmm… This was a good question.

Would I use my birth name? My nickname? My maiden name? My married name? Or something all new, such as Harry Houndstooth or Misty Meadows?

After some thought, I decided that my name as an author should meet these objectives: 
  1. It should reflect my creative side. Lolly, my nickname since age eighteen, is perfect. I feel creative when I hear it. My given name, Lois, works better for the more serious side of life.
  2. It should honor my parents. They gave me what it took to write my book and cheered me on as I did so. Sadly, neither lived to see it published. I use their last name, Anderson.
  3. It should honor my own family. After all, my children were my inspiration while I wrote my book, and my husband stood fast as I finished it. So I use my last name, Thomas.
So there you have it—the making of a name. I remain ever so humbly yours, Lolly Anderson Thomas.

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