Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What Fueled my Desire to Write?

Every writer’s story will be different. Perhaps the desire to write comes from the love of words. Or a chance to push one’s creativity. Perhaps it’s from the need to express a thought or idea. Or the wish to share knowledge. It could even be the pursuit of wealth.

For me, writing had always been enjoyable, as had creating art. Perhaps it was because my voice seemed to get lost in the chaos of a large family. I was not the loudest. Nor was I the most competitive. I enjoyed my thoughts and ideas whether anyone else heard them or not. So I wrote. And I drew. 

Several years ago, as a way to heal after a difficult, personal experience, I decided to write a middle grade chapter book.

The concept of Tiggle Trouble, had bubbled inside me for years. Teaching the value of a dollar to my children hadn’t been easy while a single parent with little backup in this topic. So I created a story to help adults inform youth about financial responsibility. If they would read this story along with the child, the story could be their backup.

Tiggle Trouble is out there. Now for the test. If only one child relates to Monster Muckabee and starts thinking twice before spending, I’ll have accomplished my goal. Here’s to Monster Muckabee and the value of a tiggle!

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